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 “Together we are creating Senior Friendly Communities in a cross-border setting to ensure that all senior citizens in the Euregio Meuse-Rhine can continue to enjoy participating in daily life.“

In September 2016, euPrevent started a three-year project called ‘Senior Friendly Communities’ (SFC). This project is a collaboration between various partners from the Euregio Meuse-Rhine (EMR). The project focuses on active ageing in senior-friendly communities. This project focuses on mental health, with special attention to dementia and age-related depression.


In this project Euroregional partners work together with 31 municipalities in the Euregio Meuse-Rhine. The aim is to realise senior-friendly municipalities: municipalities that are care-friendly, carer-friendly and inclusion-friendly, so that senior citizens can continue to participate in a normal social life.

The partners in the Euregio Meuse-Rhine aim to realise this with the following activities:

  • promoting the continued physical and mental activity of the target group;
  • promoting the economic and social integration of the target group;
  • increasing the efficiency of care systems in the EMR;
  • promoting cross-generation solidarity.

Target groups

In this project the partners and municipalities focus specifically on these three target groups:

  • people who currently work as caregivers;
  • potential caregivers;
  • people who need care: elderly persons with late-life depression and/or senile dementia.

Customised work per municipality

The range offered will be customised per municipality to local requirements. There are 4 steps to the  project:

  1. Analysing the requirements of participating municipalities.
  2. Selecting concrete activities per municipality, based on range of activities.
  3. Implementing activities in the municipalities with the help of euPrevent and partners.
  4. Drawing up a sustainability plan.


The Senior Friendly Communities project is carried out within the framework of Interreg V-A Euregio Meuse-Rhine and supported by the European Union and the European Regional Governance Authority Interreg V-A Euregio Meuse-Rhine Development, with EUR 983.167,50. The project also receives co-financing and the project partners pay their own contribution.



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