The Roadmap to Guidelines for professionals

Description of the Roadmap

The Roadmap will guide you through a selection of 15 of guidelines for professionals, volunteers and general public. The guidelines all have a different approach in how to prevent or reduce loneliness. All guidelines are available in their original language and a summary in 4 languages. We tried to make this collection available in all required languages but the full text translation is not included.

For whom

The Roadmap can be used by professionals in healthcare, social workers, local authorities or municipalities and volunteers. Everyone who is part of an approach or network with an aim to reduce or prevent loneliness can benefit form the guided steps.

How to use it

By answering questions about your profession, goals to achieve and targeted group you will find the most suitable guidelines in either your own language or will be surprised by a guide from your neighboring country. This selection can inspire you to take certain steps or see if you approach can be enriched with ideas. If that guideline is not in your language, you will find a summary and a link to the original document. You can decide whether you want to translate (parts) of the document.