PROFILE Euregional Health Atlas

For several years, there has been a website with specific information on research for the benefit of projects in the Meuse-Rhine Euroregion (EMR). For euPrevent PROFILE, information on loneliness is available.

A previous euregional project from 2020-2021, Project euPrevent COVID-19, collected information on loneliness and issues related to loneliness. These include loneliness and more specifically social and emotional loneliness but also what kind of households residents live in, their perceived health, happiness and the social support they experience.

The atlas provides this data and gives an indication of any differences between the three EMR countries, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. The Euregional Health Atlas can be found here, in the atlas you will find under ‘Theme’ the information related to euPrevent PROFILE and also from other projects.

A short summary of the atlas with some key indicators can be downloaded here: