About euPrevent

European border regions are affected by higher levels of unemployment, poorer health, twice the level of ageing and more poverty. Living near to a border region means fewer opportunities in the field of employment, mobility, health care and welfare. This is because policy is predominantly national in its orientation. As a result, crossing your country’s borders can be a daunting task.

euPrevent is a Euroregional network that focuses on promoting health. Within this network sustainable partnerships seek to increase the quality of the lives of Euroregion Meuse-Rhine  (EMR) residents.


  • euPrevent wants EMR residents to have the highest possible quality of life.
  • euPrevent is a laboratory for health innovation.
  • euPrevent supports a thematic focus and concrete results.
  • euPrevent knows we can achieve more together.

euPrevent bases its collaboration on international frameworks

  • Positive Health,
  • Health in All Policies and
  • Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The five core values of euPrevent are

  • Euregional Collaboration,
  • Citizen Participation,
  • Knowledge Building,
  • Science and
  • Sustainability.


euPrevent is made up of a large number of partners who actively collaborate in its programmes and projects. These partners are all sorts of organisations that are involved in the health of EMR residents.

The 36 structural partners form the beating heart of euPrevent.

The executive board and the support office of the euPrevent|EMR foundation support the partners in their euregional collaboration.

Both inside and beyond the ‘Meuse-Rhine Euregion’ territory, euPrevent collaborates sustainably with other organisations, including:

  • EGTS Euregion Meuse-Rhine
  • World Health Organisation – Regions for Health Networks
  • European Committee of the Regions
  • Euregha
  • Lower Austria