Theatre package Sterrelicht

06 juli 2023

Dear theatre lover,

We are very pleased to have you here, because that means that you want to get started with the Sterrelicht/Starlight theatre package in your area. Together, we are taking a step in the right direction towards making the topic of loneliness accessible for discussion in your own environment.

This theatre package Starlight is based on the theatre play ‘Sterrelicht en Appeltaart’ (Starlight and Apple Pie) by Flemish theatre maker and director Luc Stevens. Thanks to funds from the Interreg V-A Euregion Meuse-Rhine programme, the euPrevent PROFILE project developed this theatre project in cooperation with Luc Stevens Producties.

The message is clear: we are inviting everyone to get started with the theatre package in their own environment, so that together we can make a small contribution, create more connections and get more people out of their loneliness.

The content of this theatre package is a basis for getting creative with the theatre play. The script is designed to be played by 5 actors. The other roles are filled by means of sound material. If you have enough actors, you can certainly assign more roles. Creative freedom is therefore allowed as long as the message remains intact and is conveyed in a respectful manner.

We provide the theatre package free of charge.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the euPrevent PROFILE project partner in your region.

We wish you a lot of success and fun!

Upcoming plays

Region Date Place Further Information
Netherlands 16/09/2023 Schouwburg Venray
Netherlands 06/10/2023 Karroessel in Sittard
Netherlands 10/12/2023 Plataan Heerlen
Netherlands 14/01/2024 Theater Kerkrade
Netherlands 22/09/2024 Bombordon Heijthuysen