Our foundations

  • euPrevent is a Euroregional network for sustainable cooperation, which enhances the quality of life of the inhabitants of the border region and is a laboratory for health innovation.
  • euPrevent wants to stimulate cross-border cooperation in the field of health promotion in the border region.
  • euPrevent does this through a thematic focus and concrete, sustainable results and products.
  • euPrevent knows: together we will get further.

Why is this important?

Policy in the field of care and well-being is mainly organised nationally. This has major consequences for citizens in the border region, who regularly cross the border for work or family reasons.


In European border regions, there is:

  • higher unemployment;
  • poorer health;
  • double aging;
  • more poverty;
  • fewer opportunities in the areas of labour, education, mobility, care and welfare.


What does euPrevent want to do about this?

We focus on setting up sustainable, cross-border networks between health organisations in the border region. Within this network, there is sustainable cooperation to improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of the border region.

The frameworks within which we work

Our cross-border cooperation is based on the following three frameworks:

  • Positive Health
  • Health in All Policies (HiAP)
  • Sustainable Development Goals

Our values

The following values are central to all euPrevent programmes and projects:

  • Euroregional cooperation
  • Citizen participation
  • Knowledge building
  • Science
  • Sustainability