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Project Data in the EMR

With the project Data in the EMR, the cooperation partners want to realize cross-border

  • data collection,
  • data comparison and
  • data visualization.

If governments, civil society organizations and the business organizations want to improve the health situation for citizens in the Euregio Meuse-Rhine (EMR), they need knowledge about the health and well-being of these citizens.
This knowledge is not yet available at the Euregional level.

Project’s framework

  • Final target group: citizens of the EMR
  • Duration: 01.06.2016 – 30.06.2018

Focus van het project

  • data collection: Various organizations in the EMR have data on citizens’ health. Bringing this data together can lead to new insights.
  • data comparison: Part of this collected regional data between Limburg (NL), NRW (DE), Limburg (BE), Liège (BE) and East Belgium (BE) are not comparable. Can this be solved?
  • data visualization: The themes of overweight (including BMI) and demographic developments are used as concrete examples.


The project connects organizations and institutions in the EMR that deal with data collection and data comparison in the field of health care:

  • data institutes in all parts of the EMR (such as CBS (NL) and IT NRW (DE))
  • Public Health organizations that collect data on the health of the population (such as GGD (NL) and Gesundheitsamt (DE)).
  • policy-making organizations that benefit from data from the EMR (such as governments, EMR, GGDs).