News article euPrevent in the European Journal of Public Health
5 October 2015

Deze informatie is alleen beschikbaar in het Engels.

Promoting scaling up in border region – the example euPrevent

Border-regions are challenged by needs for cross-border cooperation and offer opportunities for mutual learning. They can be seen as laboratories for cross-border cooperation and integration within broader international contexts – and for scaling up projects across borders.

The EMR consists of regions in Belgium, Germany and The Netherlands. It has a long history in cross-border cooperation with regard to (public) health services as well as preventive measures. Many activities aim to scale up or implement projects in the EMR. Examples are e.g. projects concerning MRSA, risky behaviour among youth and overweight.

The foundation euPrevent has been set up to support the coordination and management of these activities – in an environment with political and structural differences between regions, including political, administrative and health system structures, with different stakeholders.

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