Project Citizen summits

In February 2019, two citizen summits will be organised to collect the Citizen’s view on health. Using a “World Café Setting”, citizens of the Euregion Meuse-Rhine (EMR) are invited to share their view on thetopics “Equity”, “Participatory Approach” and “Human Resources for health”. The outcome of these citizen summits will be used as input during the WHO RHN – Cor Annual Conference on health which will take place in June.

Project Frame

Final target group: citizens of the EMR
Duration: 17 September 2018 – 30 june 2019

Focus of the project

“Your view on public health”: the opinion of the citizens on the topics “equity”, “participatory approach” and “human resources for health” will be asked. These are the 3 main topics that will be addressed during the WHO RHN – CoR Annual Conference. The feedback of the citizens will be used as input for this conference

WHO Regions for Health Network

The WHO Regions for Health Network (WHO RHN) believe that together we can achieve more. In Europe, millions of people live less than 80 km from their country’s borders, and cooperation between border regions in health services and human resources planning is increasing.

The 25th anniversary of the WHO Regions for Health Network will represent the next steps in the implementation of the Memorandum of Understanding signed by the CoR and WHO in 2016. This congress will serve as the basis to keep people at the centre of health and sustainable development policies on regional level.

The EMR, as a cross-border cooperation association of five sub-regions from three nation states, is the only Euregio member of the WHO Regions for Health Network (RHN), while otherwise only national regions and Länder (federal states) can be members.


All regions in the EMR face similar challenges in improving the health status of its citizens. Asking citizens for their vision together creates synergy.

A cross-border approach shows the euregional character around public health and allows citizens to experience EMR positively. If you want to talk to citizens about matters concerning the EMR, it is important to do so in a euregional setting.

Its important that EMR live more among the citizens. Where possible, citizens are brought together at a table per language during some summits and gathering. Its important that the opinion of ‘the citizen’ from the EMR is taken into account and its why some summits will be organize in this year.

Citizen Summits

In this project, EMR citizens are presented with public health issues in a citizen-friendly manner during two so-called citizens summits. These are issues that professionals also discuss with each other.

This project revolves around this vision of the citizen and this will then be introduced during a WHO RHN -CoR conference at which professionals will talk about the same themes. This will be done by means of a report that will be drawn up following the citizen summits and a video compilation.