euPrevent has the following core values:

Euregional Collaboration

Living and working in a euregion creates unique opportunities. By means of euregional collaboration, euPrevent uses the diversity of systems, structures and initiatives in the Meuse-Rhine Euregion as a force. The locally available rich pallet of knowledge and experience is put to euregional use.

Short impression of the 2 euregional Citizen Summits that were held in the Euregio Meuse-Rhine (Aachen and Eupen) in Februari 2019.

Citizen Participation

euPrevent finds it important to involve all stakeholders in our activities. And this includes citizens. This can take place in different ways:

  • Citizens are represented by citizens’ organisations, self-help groups and patients’ associations.
  • Citizens play an active role in projects. For instance, in a Citizens’ Council that is actively consulted during a project.
  • Citizens are asked for their vision and their ideas during Citizens Summits.

Knowledge Building

Within euPrevent, knowledge and experience are crossing borders. Where possible, afterwards we try to make this knowledge and experience available to everyone. We do this by:

  • Organising congresses, workshops and study trips,
  • Writing and sharing publications,
  • Developing online tools, that can be used independently.


Apart from sharing existing knowledge, where necessary, euPrevent also develops new knowledge. Since 2001 a euregional study of young people has been undertaken, as a result of which comparable euregional data have become available. As few comparable data are available in the EMR, euPrevent, the CBS and GGD ZL have created a structural collaboration for bundling these data and making them available. The results are shared with the public by means of the online health atlas (expected autumn 2019).


euPrevent wants to improve the quality of life of EMR residents. This is why all activities focus on having a sustainable impact. Sustainable results are guaranteed, even within temporary projects, that remain available even after a project has ended.