Partners of project cardiovascular disease prevention

The partners involved in the project of cardiovascular disease prevention are as follows:

  • Together for Life Organization (Ablania)
  • Association of Patients with Cardiovascular Diseases (Bulgaria)
  • Patients’ Organizations “With You” (Bulgaria)
  • Nicosia Heart Patients’ Association (Cyprus)
  • Indecosa (France)
  • Cittadinanzattiva – Tribunal for patients’ rights (Italy)
  • Par Sirdi (Latvia)
  • Saugok Save (Lithuania)
  • Malta Health Network (Malta)
  • National Patients’ Organization of Malta (Malta)
  • Diabetic Patients Association (Portugal)
  • European Patients Empowerment for Customized Solution (the Netherlands)
  • euPrevent (the Netherlands)
  • Institute for Patients’ Rights & Health Education (Poland)
  • Kultlab Celje Society (Slovenia)
  • Foro Espanol de Pacientes (Spain)
  • Federacion Espanola de Diabetes (Spain)
  • FOKUS patiet (Sweden)
  • Southern Ukrainian Center of Citizens’ Rights in Health (Ukraine)

In addition, there are European associations that support the project in providing advocacy expertise on cardiovascular diseases at the EU level:

  • European Congenital Heart Disease Organisation
  • Stroke Alliance for Europe
  • The Heart Failure Policy Network