‘Beyond Borders: Breakfast Debate’ on Public service delivery and cooperation during the COVID-19 pandemic
February 9, 2021

A Border Focal Point Network Breakfast Debate was organised by the European Commission on 9 February, and the Director of euPrevent, Brigitte van der Zanden was also invited to participate. This debate is the first session of a series of breakfast debates which are designed to highlight ways in which the EU and Member States can reduce obstacles to cross border co-operation and promote the pooling of services along the EU’s internal borders. Other speakers at the debate include:

Pascal Boijmans, Head of Unit, DG Regio, European Commission

Nicolas Rossignol, Head of Unit, ESPON

Dirk Peters, Senior Expert, DG Regio, European Commission

Julia Winkler, EU Project manager, Health Agency of Lower Austria, Healthacross

Nathalie Verschelde, Deputy Head of Unit, DG Regio, European Commission

Jean Peyrony, Director General, The Mot

Martín Guillermo Ramirez, Secretary General, AEBR

Speakers discussed the impact that COVID pandemic has had on cooperation in the European border areas; lessons learnt that can be used to mitigate negative border effects in the longer terms; and the role that cross-border public services can play with regards to recovery strategies from the COVID pandemic.