ZonMw project GRENSimpact launched
April 4, 2024

euPrevent has been awarded a ZonMw grant for project GRENSimpact and the project is officially launched as of February 2024.

ZonMW is the Dutch organisation for health research and development. ZonMW aims to stimulate research and innovation in health, healthcare and well-being through targeted grant programmes.

In collaboration with the GGD Zuid Limburg, euPrevent launched the project GRENSimpact to visualise the impact of a pandemic on a border region. About 35% of the European population live in border regions. Their lives are based on everyday cross-border socio-economic relationships than on formal political borders. This is in contrast with policy, legislation and health systems that are focused on geographical borders. Especially during the pandemic when cross-border mobility was restricted, the population in border regions was confronted with great challenges. GRENSimpact is thus designed to understand the cross-border transmission of a pandemic and to draw lessons for future pandemics affecting the lives of citizens in the border regions.

Through using scientific methods to visualise the cross-border transmission of the pandemic, we hope to gain insight on the impact of the pandemic in the border region and its implications for public health policies and measures, and to contribute to improved health equity and well-being in these areas.

For more information on this project, see the website: https://euprevent.eu/project-grensimpact/.