Refugees’ and Migrants’ Health: What are the Priorities?
June 3, 2022

What are the health needs and current situation of the people fleeing from Ukraine, and refugees or migrants from other origins? On 25 May, WHO Regions for Health Network organised a webinar on the highly topical issues related to the health of refugees and migrants. This webinar provided policy outlines and up-to-date evidence of the health of refugees and migrants in general, and the particular situation of the people fleeing from the conflict of Ukraine received special attention. Experts present at the webinar are from WHO Regional Office for Europe, International Federation of Red Cross Europe, European Public Health Association (EUPHA), and Italian National institute for health migration and poverty (INMP). The topics addressed at the webinar cover the currently available knowledge and resources as developed by the WHO, the evidence and methodologies that are available for assessing migrants’ health, and the major health risks of migrants and refugees were also analysed. One of the important goals of this webinar is to evaluate what lessons can be learned from projects and initiatives that have been implemented in this area. Hopefully, this will help subnational health authorities and small countries better prepare to address the health needs of migrants and refugees.

The recording of the webinar is available at: