Project paves the way for strengthened cross-border collaboration
March 20, 2024

The recent gathering of euPrevent partners from programme line “Addiction” showed how a euregional project can lay good foundation for sustained cross-border collaboration. Many partners have participated the euPrevent project SNA (Social Norms Approach). This project ended in 2022, but the enduring connections among partners remain and inspire more collaborations in the future.

Hans Dupont of Mondriaan set the stage with an illuminating introduction to the European Prevention Curriculum, and stressed the importance of scientific based approach in addiction prevention. Carlo Baeten from Integra provided a first-hand perspective on the prospective Flemish alcohol prevention policy, shedding light on promising developments. A positive trend is observed that the youth nowadays are more conscious of the health risks related to alcohol use.

Madita Willems from ASL Eupen showcased innovative prevention methods developed within the German-speaking community of Belgium. Notably, over 130 individuals engaged in the ‘Heute Nicht’ (‘Today Not’) campaign, abstaining from alcohol for 44 days. Additionally, an educational game was designed to raise awareness among schoolchildren,  although requiring considerable resources in terms of staffing and time.

The partners are determined to advocate evidence-based prevention strategies, and to further strengthen their collaboration not just within the Euregion Meuse-Rhine (EMR), but also to the Euregion Rhine Meuse North (ERMN), and even broader. This meeting served as a reaffirmation of their collective dedication to fostering healthier communities.