Partner euPrevent introduces itself: Mondriaan (NL)
January 29, 2018

Mondriaan, for mental health

We would like to introduce Mondriaan. Mondriaan is an institution for mental health care in Limburg with 37 treatment locations. We offer care to thousands of people every year. We have special forms of treatment for children, young people, adults and the elderly with mental or psychiatric complaints and for people with addiction problems. Mondriaan also offers (trans-) forensic psychiatry.


In the Netherlands, in addition to treating disorders, we also invest in their prevention. Mondriaan wants to contribute to positive health care for EMR citizens. Prevention in mental health care can be compared with other sustainable social solutions. For instance, supplying energy in more climate-neutral ways. Our prevention department provides a wide range of options. We offer various customised methods of prevention. We do this in education, for individuals or within the framework of certain topics. It also involves us working with various partners, such as the GGD. We also offer monitoring instruments for analysing a district and/or municipality in the field of drug abuse, target groups and trends.

Though we are on track in the field of prevention, we still have many ambitions and many improvements can still be made. Mondriaan prevention is a renowned institution. In relation to the EMR collaboration, over the next few years we want to contribute significantly to further growth in the quality of the prevention of addiction in the Euro-region.

About Mondriaan

Our most important task is to help people whose welfare or functioning is hindered by mental disorders for shorter or longer periods of time. Our point of departure is: at home if at all possible, in an institution if it is unavoidable. Our approach focusses on solutions and collaboration, and is individually customised as far as possible.

With more than 2,000 employees, Mondriaan is one of Limburg (NL) largest employers. Mondriaan is a recognised training institute for psychiatrists, psychologists and nursing specialists. Training and scientific research serve to continually improve the care we provide based on the most recent insights.