euPrevent strengthens collaboration with Academic Workplace Public Health Mosa
April 9, 2024

euPrevent has actively joined the Academic Workplace on Public Health (AWPG) Mosa, an alliance between GGD Zuid-Limburg, Maastricht University and the Care and Public Health Research Institute (CAPHRI). This alliance promotes the integration of policy, research and practice within public health care.

AWPG Mosa, named after the river Meuse (Maas in Dutch), symbolises the fluid exchange of knowledge and the connection between different stakeholders in practice, research and policy. Like the Meuse crossing borders, AWPG Mosa strives for cross-border cooperation and is active at local, national, Euroregional and international levels.

AWPG Mosa focuses on obtaining, sharing and exchanging knowledge to strengthen public health. This is achieved through scientific research, knowledge transfer, education, networking and cooperation with various stakeholders. The main themes are infectious disease control, healthy youth, integrated health policy and euregional cooperation.

As a partner of Mosa, euPrevent deploys its expertise to achieve these objectives. The director of euPrevent, Brigitte van der Zanden also involved as a team member of AWPG Mosa, shares her vision of the cooperation: “Through my personal involvement as a resident of the border region and my dedication to prevention and health promotion, I like to contribute to a healthier Limburg. Together, we strive to better connect citizens’ health to their geographical living environment, with an eye for the cross-border aspects of public health.”

This collaboration illustrates the shared commitment to a resilient and healthy community, combining knowledge, expertise and experience to achieve concrete results for the inhabitants of Limburg and beyond.

Read more about this cooperation on the AWPG Mosa website: