Empowering cross-border initiatives: euPrevent’s impactful exchange with North Sea Port District
January 31, 2024

On 31 January 2024, euPrevent was invited by the North Sea Port District to share its experience in cross-border projects involving citizen participation in environmental health and climate change issues.

North Sea Port District’s proactive approach:

The North Sea Port District, comprising eight governing bodies across the border, is actively implementing demoprojects to enhance the well-being of its residents. The “Linking Areas+ and Health Action Plan” demo project stands out as a significant endeavor, addressing the synergy between economic development and public health while promoting a positive narrative.

To formulate concrete actions for a healthier district, health issues are being mapped on both the Flemish and Dutch sides. Innovative tools, including the adapted place standard tool, are employed to tailor interventions to the specific needs of the harbor region where industry and daily life intertwine.

euPrevent’s valuable insights:

A focal point of discussion was Project ACP (Active Citizenship Participation), a collaborative initiative to establish a sustainable citizen participation structure in the Euroregion Meuse Rhine (EMR). This ongoing project focuses on climate change and health-related issues, aligning with the broader vision of fostering active citizenship. The ACP project was made possible with the financial support of Robert Bosch Stiftung.

Drawing on its unique experience, euPrevent shared insights gained from using the place standard tool in the ACP project. This tool, customized for the euregio’s climate and health considerations, proved invaluable in contributing to the North Sea Port District’s initiatives. The meeting emphasized the significance of collaboration in addressing climate change and environmental health challenges.

Towards a borderless collaboration:

Recognizing that health challenges know no borders, the collaborative efforts discussed during the meeting emphasized the importance of sharing best practices in the border regions. The fruitful exchange highlighted the potential for borderless collaboration, ultimately benefiting the citizens on both sides. Stay tuned for further updates as this impactful collaboration continues to unfold.