Different partners from the Euregio Meuse-Rhine (EMR) are associated with this project. Read more about them here!

Burgerkracht Limburg

Burgerkracht Limburg is a network organization in the Dutch province of Limburg. In the framework of the euPrevent PROFILE project, Burgerkracht Limburg wants to share its knowledge and experience concerning loneliness, participation and needs of the citizens in Limburg.

We listen, connect and translate their daily struggles and challenges, and turn these challenges into opportunities. We believe in a Limburg in which everybody participates in their own way.


KBO Limburg is the largest senior citizens’ organization in the Dutch province of Limburg. It advocates for seniors in a vulnerable position and stands for well-being, participation and equality of seniors. An active and dynamic volunteer organization for and by seniors with nearly 30,000 members, 120 local groups and approximately 2,500 volunteers.

The aim of working with euPrevent PROFILE project is to share knowledge and expertise in tackling loneliness and through the KBO network of local senior associations and senior advisors, the KBO can reach many seniors in Limburg.

SAAMO Limburg

SAAMO Limburg brings vulnerable people together and works with them to find solutions to the collective problems they experience. Many problems can be tackled by people themselves: making life in the neighbourhood more pleasant, embellishing a square, setting up meetings, exchanging experiences, etc.

We stimulate and support them and can call on the services of many volunteers.

The problem of loneliness is increasingly coming to the fore in our basic activities. The Covid crisis has magnified this even more. That’s why participating in euPrevent PROFILE is so interesting for us.


Samana is an association of and for people with a chronic illness or care need, informal caregivers and volunteers who strengthen each other.

We work on:

  • Warm social contact and social network
  • Happiness, well-being and bearing
  • Advocacy for the chronically ill and informal cares givers
  • Volunteers are crucial
  • An inclusive community where everyone can contribute

euPrevent PROFILE is interesting for us as an Associate Partner to gain new insights and share our experiences.

PCS de Thimister-Clermont

The Social Cohesion Plan of Thimister-Clermont is a structure that implements actions offering each citizen
the opportunity to improve his or her well-being and living conditions, but also aiming to promote solidarity.
Within the framework of the euPrevent PROFILE project, the PCS of Thimister-Clermont wishes to share its knowledge.

ASD Verviers

Home help and care of the Verviers district (ASD Verviers) offers a series of home services such as :

  • assistance in daily life
  • nursing care
  • transport of persons with reduced mobility
  • smaller jobs at home
  • psychological support
  • occupational therapy
  • coordination of assistance and care
  • etc.

with 450 employees.

The ASD participates in the euPrevent PROFILE project by following its work in order to disseminate it within its network and vice versa.

Respect Seniors (NPA)

The NPA offers individualized psychosocial support in situations of abuse.

It also sets up preventive actions on request (information/awareness/training).

As a service aimed to help the elderly, the NPA is involved in this project in order to share experiences and observations
from the field. In the perspective of the public, the project allows them to have a better knowledge of the initiatives of the network in a broad sense.


SAGàDOM is a multidisciplinary mobile team offering an alternative to the retirement home for seniors with a loss of autonomy in the Belgian province of Liege.

In the framework of the euPrevent PROFILE project, the ISoSL wants to share its experience and help develop tools and a network for the older.

CCCA de Verviers

The CCCA of Verviers has existed for more than 40 years and is at the service of the older.

For us, it was important to participate in this project which aims to fight against loneliness. It is an opportunity to feed our reflections, to share knowledge and best practices to improve awareness.

Verviers is a city in full mutation, oriented towards the future. We are always open to new projects in order to evolve towards a better future.

Énéo Verviers

Énéo creates links between seniors through encounters (cultural, sports, etc.), puts them in projects and offers them the possibility to remain active citizens, attentive to social debates and ready to commit themselves to a more just and inclusive society.

Énéo, supported by its volunteers in all the dimensions of its action, is therefore concerned by the problem of the solitude of the elderly.


The institutions of the MOVE network, the CHC Health Group, the St. Josef Clinic in St. Vith and the St. Nicholas Hospital in Eupen, together offer a multidisciplinary, comprehensive and accessible care.

As a leading partner in raising the awareness on the topic unwanted loneliness, participation in this project was a matter of course as our population and the professionals fight against the unwanted loneliness of the elderly in the Euregio Meuse-Rhine.

Commune de Fléron

The Fléron Social Affairs Department aims to coordinate all initiatives that contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of our seniors.

Within the framework of the euPrevent PROFILE project, our teams wish to benefit from an exchange of good practices aimed at offering front-line services and activities that fight against that fight against social exclusion of isolated and/or vulnerable people.

CPAS Hamoir

The senior service of the Hamoir CPAS ( public center for social action) is dedicated to the older living in the municipality as well as to their close caregivers.

The objective is to provide support, accompaniment, information and a specific listening.


The Verviers Health Promotion Center supports the construction of projects and the implementation of actions
for the professionals of the Verviers district.

To do so, it offers methodological and documentary help, training and meetings between professionals.

The CVPS wishes to share its knowledge and experience on the elderly public.

Aidants proches

The NPA Aidants Proches is an association of organizations dealing with the issue of family caregivers and those who work with people in need of care and their caregivers.

In the framework of the euPrevent PROFILE project, the NPA Aidants Proches wants to share its knowledge and experience on the cross-sectorality of care with the other partners of the project.


The staff of Familienhilfe assists seniors and people who need help with all daily tasks so that they can continue to live independently in their own homes (nursing care, home help, housekeeping, etc.).

We are in direct contact with seniors every day and we want to be the representatives of these people in the project.

ASBL Senoah

Senoah is a pluralistic association whose social objective is the promotion of the well-being of the elderly in their living environment.

As such, Senoah’s primary mission is to listen, inform and advise people who are looking for a place to live for the seniors.

Within the framework of the euPrevent PROFILE project, Senoah wishes to participate in the fight against the loneliness of the elderly by sharing its resources and experiences acquired in the framework of its different actions.


The primary mission of the Seniors’ Advisory Council (CCCA) Malmedy is to discuss municipal issues and provide municipal authorities with recommendations for developing policies that take seniors’ needs into account.

Through their representation on the CCCA, seniors can share their “day-to-day expertise” and provide input on issues of municipal concern.


Combating the isolation of the older is one of the priorities of the Jalhay CPAS (public center of social action).

Both in the projects set up on a daily basis and in the actions of the Social Cohesion Plan.

The problem is complex and requires sharing, an exchange of ideas and solutions, however small they may be. Together, we are more effective in fighting a growing social phenomenon. Overcoming the isolation of seniors through a gathering of living forces.

„Kompetenznetz Gesundheitsförderung im Alter der StädteRegion Aachen“

Since 2020, the Office of Social Planning has been organising network meetings for representatives of municipalities and other organisations related to the topics of older people’s care/work and health. The aim is to jointly promote sustainable initiatives that improve the quality of life and well-being of seniors.

Precarious living situations, which include loneliness and isolation, receive special attention.

Koordinationsstelle „Pro Seniorinnen und Senioren im Kreis Düren“

The district of Düren reacted to demographic change at an early stage by setting up the coordination office “Pro Seniorinnen und Senioren Kreis Düren” (Pro Senior Citizens District of Düren) in the Office for Demography, Children, Youth, Family and Senior Citizens of the district of Düren and offers counselling, further training and assistance on all aspects of old age.

Another focus of the work is to support the initiation of offers and projects in work with senior citizens and in civic engagement.

Events, campaigns and conferences are held regularly.

Further cooperations

Malteser in the Diocese of Aachen

The Malteser in the Diocese of Aachen offer a meeting place for senior citizens in the city region. The offers within the framework of a lively neighbourhood help to prevent loneliness, e.g. by visiting and accompanying services, mobile shopping trolley, telephone meeting, IT meeting.

People with dementia and their relatives are supported through counselling, assistance in the home environment, group offers and regulars’ tables for relatives.

They are also part of the nationwide Malteser project “Together – for each other – contact and community in old age” (until 2024).

Regionalbüro Alter, Pflege und Demenz Aachen/Eifel

The Regionalbüro Alter, Pflege und Demenz Aachen/Eifel is part of a state-wide initiative for structural development of the State Government and the NRW Care Insurance Funds are.

The aim is to work together with local supporters to improve the care structures for people with different care needs and for family caregivers in North Rhine-Westphalia.

The focus of our work is the information, advice, accompaniment, qualification and networking of full-time and voluntary committed people and organizations.