Sharing knowlegde in Ljubljana, Slovenia
June 15, 2019

On June 12th, euPrevent presented the results of the Citizen Summits done by EPECS on the ‚High-level Conference on Health Equity‘ of the World Health Organization in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The report of the Citizen Summits will be presented during the WHO RHN – CoR Conference in the EMR on the 26-28th of June this year: Keeping People at the Centre of Health and Sustainable Development Policies’. You can still register for this conference.

About the conference in Lubljana, Slovenia

Healthy, Prosperous Lives for all in the European Region – High-level Conference on Health Equity

11–13 June 2019, Ljubljana, Slovenia

The High-level Conference on Health Equity, hosted by the Government of Slovenia, provided evidence and information on the solutions that can be implemented to reduce health inequalities and accelerate progress towards better health, well-being and prosperity for all in the European Region.

The Conference highlighted the 5 essential conditions needed to live a healthy life, and show how addressing these can transform the lives of those being left behind while increasing everyone’s well-being and prosperity. It illustrated how shifting from fragmented approaches to integrated solutions and empowering approaches delivers rapid and sustainable improvements in health for all.

The Conference also showed how countries can make real progress in reducing gaps in health and well-being, even within government electoral cycles. This underscores the need to systematically ensure that social values such as solidarity, equity and inclusion have a place in the fiscal and growth decisions made within and between countries and by transnational bodies.