Lonely? Let’s unite! News! | April 2023
March 28, 2023

The euPrevent PROFILE project is now slowly coming to an end. Time flies, and we are happy to share with you our save-the-date for our upcoming activity conference! Furthermore, in this newsletter we want to provide updates of some activities and outputs, such as the extensive overview of good practices that is now available online.

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Save the date for our Activity Conference!

We are pleased to announce our euPrevent PROFILE Activity Conference, which will take place on Thursday 1st of June 2023 at Gaia Zoo in Kerkrade (NL), from 9:00 to 16:30. It has been already two years since we started our project, and we think that the time has come to present and share our experience with all of you!

During our conference, you can expect a surprising variety of activities and presentations. In the morning, you will have the chance to be informed about our project’s results and a part of our theater play will be performed. Also, distinguished interdisciplinary speakers will share their expertise and exchange views and best-practices for preventing and combatting loneliness in older people. In the afternoon, an outdoor activity with representatives from our team, associate partners, and other professionals will be organized. There, you will get acquainted with people from various organizations and initiatives from every region and you will have the chance to learn about their work and daily life practices for combatting loneliness. Presentations will be held in Dutch, French, and German and interpreters will be at place to make sure everyone can actively participate.

If you are interested in participating, please already save the date. More information and possibilities to register will follow soon.

We look forward to welcoming you to celebrate together our project’s success!

For any questions, you are welcome to contact us via communication@euprevent.eu.

Online overview of good practices

Within the framework of the euPrevent PROFILE project, we have developed a digital tool containing good practices aiming at preventing and/or combating loneliness in older people.

This tool is available on the project’s webpage and aims, through the promotion of good practices, to connect the organization and inspire field actors to set up actions in their region.

To do so, we have used a questionnaire sent to our networks as well as direct contacts. Based on different criteria such as the geographical area, the target audience, or the results of the activity, we selected several practices to highlight.

We have classified these by theme:

  • Create connection and network
  • Digitalization
  • Individual support
  • On the move
  • Social and cultural activity


If you would like more information about the tool, please contact us via the following address: communication@euprevent.eu

Citizen summits in Kerkrade (NL), Liège (BE) and Thimister-Clermont (BE)

Several citizen summits took place since the previous newsletter was sent out. On Wednesday 12th October, a citizen summit was held in Liege, Belgium. Eighteen people met to exchange around the theme of loneliness. The participants were present to share their personal experience on loneliness, to know the good practices or some useful addresses to help alleviating loneliness. Another citizen summit took place on Friday, October 28th, in the municipality of Thimister-Clermont, Belgium. That evening, 24 people from different generations sat down to exchange ideas on the theme of loneliness.

On Monday 14th November, a citizen summit took place in Kerkrade, the Netherlands. During this summit 25 people actively participated (in the range between 20 and 93 years) in various discussions in which the topic of loneliness was central. The mix of younger and older adults, and the discussions between generations was very positively received.

Overview of eHealth applications

Do you know of any eHealth applications (app or website) that focus on providing opportunities for social contact or aiming at reducing feelings of loneliness? We are working on an overview of existing eHealth apps developed in the Netherlands, Germany, or Belgium, excluding social media apps. One further prerequisite is that these are tested (and safe) and are based on non-profit principles. Please let us know by contacting communication@euprevenmt.eu

Good practices


“Taschengeldbörse” (pocket money exchange) in the district of Düren. The “Taschengeldbörse” in the district of Düren is organized by the coordination office “Pro Seniorinnen und Senioren im Kreis Düren” (Pro Senior Citizens in the District of Düren) to promote understanding and encounters between the generations and to strengthen neighborhood cohesion.

The “Taschengeldbörse” is intended for young people between the ages of 14 and 20. It arranges activities such as grass mowing, shopping, gardening or help with cell phones, computers, and other devices. Young people receive pocket money of at least five euros per hour for their work. The project gives young and old people the opportunity to get in touch with each other, a win-win situation for both parties. The Düren district administration provides advice and support in setting up the pocket money exchange and provides the online platform. Currently, the pocket money exchange is being implemented in the following municipalities: Aldenhoven, Düren, Jülich, Kreuzau, Merzenich, Niederzier, Vettweiß.

Please visit the website for more information: www.kreis-dueren.de/taschengeldboerse

Oma’s Soep:

The Dutch foundation Oma’s soep (ENG: Grandma’s Soup) organizes weekly activities such as the cooking days and Grandma’s Soup at home days. In addition, Grandma’s Soup often organizes original events. These events are a special treat for the elderly.

During the cooking days, the volunteers and the elderly cut the vegetables together and have a chat. While the soup is cooking, the volunteers and the elderly usually play a game. When the soup is ready, they end the day by enjoying their homemade soup together. The elderly enjoy the cooking days enormously. Moreover, they appreciate the contact with the young volunteers. The structural contact and the fresh soup are good for their health. The cooking days provide meaning and fun.

With the Soup at Home days, weekly visits and packages full of delicious soup, a motivating card and a surprise at home are brought to the elderly by the volunteers. The goal is to create a moment to drink a nice cup of coffee together, take a walk or do something together.

Foundation Grandma’s Soup facilitates the events for the elderly and supervises the student boards of the various Grandma’s Soup cities. Each ‘Grandma’s Soup City’ is governed by an annual student board. The student boards are locally responsible for organizing the activities and events for the elderly.

Want to know more? Please visit: https://omassoep.nl

Contact-coaches Samana

Samana’s duo work connects/pairs people with chronic illnesses or care needs, informal carers and volunteers for warm social contact with regular meetings. The connection takes shape by creating duos where each duo regularly agrees to do something together that is good for both, tailored to the duo itself. This creates meaningful one-to-one contacts, which makes everyone grow.

The step-by-step plan of this activity:

  • Intake with participant and volunteer
  • Matching of the duo in consultation with both parties
  • Start-up of the duo through an introductory meeting in the presence of a contact coach and/or professional staff member
  • Further follow-up of the duo by a contact coach
  • Training and intervision for the volunteers

Please visit the website for more information: https://www.samana.be/contact-coachen/


Entr’âges is an association whose mission is to promote links between people of different generations in a dynamic of solidarity and reciprocity. The association also engages in a work of sensitization and fight against the ageism through the realization of events and projects on the whole of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.

The association also has a unique Documentation Center in Belgium specialized in the issues of ageism, intergeneration and social aspects related to aging, accessible to all persons interested in this theme in a professional or private context.

The association addresses itself to all people, with a particular attention to those who are socially vulnerable and to the project leaders, in order to support their power to act. Through its mission, the association responds to several issues such as equality and social justice, mobilization and citizen participation, social inclusion, decompartmentalization of generations, destigmatization and non-discrimination based on age.

Entr’âges aims to contribute to a society where each person has a full place and can be themselves, and to create the conditions for people, whatever their age, gender, or origin, to be actors of their lives, respecting their will, their resources, and their capacities.

The association has many projects, all of which can be found on their website www.entrages.be

Would you like to contribute to the euPrevent PROFILE project? Or maybe you have a good practice you would like to share?
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