Euroregional cross-border information tool
November 26, 2020

As of now, the Euroregion Meuse-Rhine EGTC office (EMR EGTC) has launched an online tool which provides answers quickly and easily to citizens’ questions about border-crossing activities related to different national measures dealing with COVID-19.

Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands have all different national measures in order to get the spreading of COVID-19 under control. These measures mainly affect our border regions, with the definition of the conditions for crossing the border and, above all, with many questions for the citizens. It is the main task of the EMR EGTC to help the citizens find their way in getting an answer to their questions. With the tool presented, citizens can find the regulations that apply to their situation in just a few clicks.

“The situation at the borders is so complex that few people can find their way around. We want to counter this by offering citizens an effective information tool”, commented Luc Gillard, president of the EMR EGTC and Michael DejozĂ©, director of the EMR EGTC.

More information and the tool itself can be found on the EMR website and at the following link: