Assignment ‘Corona research in the border region of North Rhine-Westphalia-Netherlands’
December 19, 2020

euPrevent got a new corona-related assignment known as ‘Corona research in the border region of North Rhine-Westphalia-Netherlands’. An assigment given to us by Minister Holthoff-Porter of North Rhine-Westphalia, State Secretary of the Netherlands Knops, King’s Commissioner Bovens for the province of Limburg on behalf of the 3 border provinces Overijssel, Gelderland and Limburg. This assignment will focus on the cross border dimension of the virus spread in the border regions of of North Rhine-Westphalia-Netherlands, and the Belgium-Dutch Limburg border region. Through examining the differences in virus spread in border regions, this assignment seeks answers to many questions raised during the pandemic, such as whether the closure of borders would be effective in controlling the spread of the virus. The ultimate goal of this assignment is to provide insight on what could countries learn from each other and what are the more effective way of fighting the virus in the border region.