Publication Scaling up projects for better health
September 12, 2016

WHO Regions for Health Network (RHN),

EMR (Euregio Meuse-Rhine),

euPrevent | EMR,

Maastricht University and

NRW Centre for Health

joint forces and published:

Abstract of the publication

Scaling up means to expand or replicate innovative pilot or small-scale projects to reach more people and/ or broaden the effectiveness of an intervention. Based on a narrative literature review and a survey targeting key informants from 10 WHO Member States that are also members of the Regions for Health Network (RHN), this publication addresses practical challenges and provides a tool box for scaling up activities. This publication integrates and describes tools from different practical guidelines. It is structured in line with a scaling-up guideline developed for New South Wales (Australia). Using all of the presented tools in a systematic manner is often not possible for practitioners. But with references to frameworks, models and practical experiences, WHO and RHN hope to raise awareness of critical promoting or hindering factors, to encourage utilization of supportive tools, and to promote the further exchange of experiences and practical knowledge.

You Tube Interview with Ms van der Zanden

September 2016.

Ms van der Zanden presentes the key messages from the new RHN featured publication on scaling up project and initiatives for better health: from concepts to practice.

Interviewed at the Regions for Health Network meeting held in Kaunas, Lithuania,