Partner euPrevent introduces itself: OPZC Rekem (BE)
2 September 2019

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OPZC Rekem

Public Psychiatric Care Center (OPZC) Rekem provides care to people with  mental illness. The care center is composed of a psychiatric hospital (treatment) and a psychiatric care home (care). OPZC Rekem also includes a educational center that conducts scientific research in the field of forensic psychiatry (KeFor). The head office is located in Rekem, but there are other care facilities in Lanaken and Antwerp.


The care offered can be divided into four groups: acute care, forensic care, care for the elderly and long-term care. The quality of the care provided receives continuous attention. The audit for the accreditation is planned for December 2019 by  the Netherlands Institute for Accreditation in Healthcare (NIAZ).


The necessities of the patient and resident are central to the treatment plan. Treatment can take place both by (long-term) admission, in day treatment or at home. We do the latter, among other things, as an important partner in the Noolim network. OPZC Rekem contributes to the socialization of healthcare by making employees and funds available for this. Social care means that care is offered as close as possible to the living environment of the patient and resident, and less between the walls of a care center. Through closer cooperation, through agreements with various partners and through specialization, OPZC Rekem wants to increase the quality and accessibility of healthcare. Currently there are close to 700 people working at OPZC Rekem.


OPZC is a partner of euPrevent  emphasizing the importance we attach to euregional cooperation. In addition to the location, the usefulness of learning from each other’s activities, sharing each other’s good practices help in achieving better care for the patient and the resident. OPZC Rekem likes to use the energy that generates from cooperation. A good example of ‘think global, act local’.