Dutch article: The Social Norms applied to over-55s in the border region of the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium
18 March 2021

This information is only available in English and Dutch.

People are social beings. We look at others to determine for ourselves what is normal. But the image we have of others is often wrong. Especially when it comes to alcohol. People often overestimate unhealthy behaviour and underestimate healthy behaviour of peers (compared to themselves). This difference in idea and reality is used in the euPrevent Social Norms Approach (SNA) project in the Euroregion Meuse-Rhine (EMR) and West-Eifel (DE).

In the context of this SNA project, Nicole Curvers (GGD Zuid Limburg), Aude Silvestre (Université de Liège), Johanna Elbel (University of Maastricht), Hans Dupont (Mondriaan) and Guido van Hal (University of Antwerp) wrote an article about alcohol and SNA among people aged 55 and over for the professional journal ‚Verslaving & Herstel‘ (‘Addiction&Recovery’) (p. 29-37).

SNA is a method that can be used in the context of alcohol prevention. SNA is based on the idea that the social norm influences the formation of social behaviour. By providing insight into actual consumption, we want to inspire people to opt for the healthy choice and a healthier lifestyle. In the EMR and West-Eifel, an online survey was carried out among a large number of people aged 55 and over (n=3,122) in order to map the actual use and expected use of alcohol and medication among peers.

The main results of this research have been made available at the Euregional Health Atlas under the topic SNA. More information about this project? Take a look at: www.euprevent.eu/sna

The euPrevent Social Norms Approach project is supported by Interreg V-A Euregio Meuse-Rhine program.