Study Visit Euroregion DKMT
17 September 2018

Between the rivers of the Danube, Kris, Mures and Tisa in Hungary, Serbia and Romania, there can be found the Euroregion called ‘DKMT’. A region with a lot of experience, not only in cross-border health care, but also in cooperation across the borders of the European Union. This makes it interesting to see how they work together in cross-border cooperation and to see what we can learn from each other. Therefore, the Euregio Meuse-Rhine, EUREGHA, EPECS, WHO RHN, GGD South Limburg and euPrevent visited this region during a study visit on the 22-24th of August 2018. Topics on the agenda were a mini conference between health care professionals from the DKMT region and our delegation, a visit to the ELI ALPS (which is one of the most significant Research and Development project in the EU), a meeting with the medical university and several cross-border projects: projects concerning f.e. infrastructure in health, cancer, children’s health and prevention of diseases.

Our visit to the DKMT region was also mentioned in some Hongarian and Seberian articles:

Ms. van der Zanden (euPrevent) and Mr. Zambon (WHO Regions for Health Network)