euPrevent Foundation

The euPrevent foundation was formed in 2010, to provide the network with optimal support.

Executive Board of the Foundation

Due to the euregional point of departure of the euPrevent Foundation, its executive board is made up of people from the entire Meuse-Rhine Euregion. The board members have a thorough knowledge of health topics that have been included in the programmes of euPrevent. They also have influence in the field. The foundation’s board is comprised of the following persons:

  • Mr Karl-Heinz Feldhoff (DE), Chair
  • Mr Nanne de Vries, Vice-dean Faculty of Health Medicine and Life Sciences, UM (NL), Secretary
  • Mr Fons Bovens, Director GGD South Limburg (NL), Treasurer
  • Mr Hanno Kehren, Chair Aachen region (DE)
  • Mr Antonios Antoniadis, Minister of the government of Eastern Belgium (BE)
  • Ms Katty Firquet, Member of the Provincial Executive of the Province of Liege (BE)
  • Mr. Markus Klamminger, Director NĂ– LGA (AT)
  • Ms Sara Reekmans, Representative of Flanders (BE)

Support Office

Employees at euPrevent’s support office facilitate partners within the programmes and current activities and guarantee the sustainability of our products.

The support office is comprised of the following persons:

  • Ms Brigitte van der Zanden, Director
  • Mr Paul Mevis, Advisor of Finance and Control
  • Ms Rana Orhan, Project worker
  • Mrs Hui Wang, Project worker

The euPrevent Foundation is registered with the chamber of Commerce under number 50357468. The name euPrevent and its logo are registered and protected in the European Union.